My Excited PhD Journey: The Hardest Part of Getting a PhD

I was initially hesitant to apply for a PhD.
I finished my Master’s degree in 2022, and I still feeling so tired.
But I wanted to continue to get more education.
So, I thought why not PhD?
So, later on I decided to check the application process.
The application process was exhausted for me.
I had to take the GRE, write a personal statement, and submit letters of recommendation and also language exam.
I also had to prepare for interviews.
I spent 7 months preparing for the GRE.
I also had to submit letters of recommendation.
I asked my professors from my Master’s program to write letters for me.
They wrote me glowing letters, and I knew that they would help my application.
Finally, I had to prepare for interviews.
I practiced answering common interview questions, and I made sure that I knew my research interests inside and out.
I also dressed professionally and arrived early for my interviews.
After months of hard work, I was accepted into my dream PhD program.
I was so relieved and excited. Being exciting is not good as you experienced before. Because, this path is a different path that will take you to the moon or the deep and dark forest.
I felt nothing but at the same time trusted myself.
The application process was the hardest part of getting a PhD.

But it was also the most rewarding.
Are your pre-doctoral and post-doctoral plans ready? In the next process, everything will be easier and your thoughts will change as you have already received training.
Be prepared to answer questions about your research interests. Be yourself.
Be sure to highlight your strengths and accomplishments, and let your personality shine through.
The only difficult thing about applying for a PhD is doing a little more research and preparing beforehand.
Good luck!

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